You wouldn’t go to a bar without your wingman, why should your writing experience be any different?

I work with writers at all stages of their careers; whether you’re a long time professional or you’re just starting out! 


Wingman Store
Writer’s Wingman boxes filled with fantastic products every month, time-saving templates and merch every writer will love!

Wingman Skills

I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve, and I can use them to help you with your writing!

Writing & Publishing

I can format your document for eBook or print, proofread text and help you to reach out to publishers/upload to Amazon!


Not sure how to make your writing stand out from the crowd? Let’s increase your online presence through social media marketing. I’ll out to the relevant influencers, using targeted Facebook Ads, and creating engaging content.


Struggling with plot, characters, or just getting the words onto the page? Let’s work through what’s getting you down!

Carolyn Robertson, Author of "Two Mums"

Writer’s Wingman has been an invaluable source of help and expertise. I required a platform to launch my LGBT children’s book. Toni came up with a comprehensive, bespoke package that focused on website design, social media, distribution channels and marketing. Toni’s industry knowledge and multi pronged approach led to a successful launch of my book and subsequent sales and publicity. I would thoroughly recommend Writer’s Wingman!”

Serena Jayne, Author of "You Only Love Once"

TJ Wiltshire is a talented writer of fiction and nonfiction, as well as an editor, producer, and graphic designer. TJ brings energy and enthusiasm to each project. I’ve had the pleasure of working in a collaborative setting with TJ and have always found their work to be exceptionally creative and of high quality.”

Mike Gerrard, Drinks & Travel Writer

“I was so glad a friend recommended Toni, as I’d been searching for a good, affordable designer without much success. I loved the sample book interior that Toni had done. It was very stylish and I was happy to hire them to work on my own book. I was delighted with the job they did, and really pleased at how friendly and accommodating they were to work with. Toni charged fairly, went the extra mile, and most important of all they produced the kind of design that was perfect for the job.”

Barb DeStefano, Musician/Writer

“Toni Wiltshire is one of the kindest people I know. They’ve got a fierce determination to achieve their goals. Top that off with an amazing talent for writing and a brilliant sense of humour, and that makes me proud to call them my friend.”

Kelsey Pfeifer, Scriptwriter

“TJ is one of the most unequivocally hardworking and genuine individuals you may ever meet. Having worked with TJ on many occasions, I can say I was never disappointed with the level of effort put in, as well as the final product. Hire them. Immediately. You will not regret it.”

Ryan Warriner, Scriptwriter

I’ve worked closely to, and with, T.J. for a couple of years and there’s never a moment where an idea doesn’t sound interesting or worth pursuing. A forward thinker with a keen eye for representing difference in their work, T.J. is well-versed in creative writing and slides effortlessly between their preferred disciplines, probably belting some forgotten ‘classic’ track in the act. T.J. is a talent to be recognised, for sure.

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