Hi, I’m Toni

I have self-published an anthology of stories, written short stories for game developers, articles for news/entertainment websites, short scripts for a children’s animation channel on YouTube, and ghostwritten a guide to owning a Bengal cat.

The one consistency is that it’s been a pretty mixed bag. Due to my reluctance to choose a niche for my writing, or even a preferred format, I decided to tie them all together with a digital marketing bow.

So now I work with all kinds of writers to help them with what comes after writing – selling your work. Using my background in writing and my know-how of marketing, I’ve got your back.

If you read all of that, coffee’s on me.

Long story short…

I’m a writer who knows a lot about writing, marketing, and publishing.

The important questions…

Favourite book?

I just finished reading Beauty Queens by Libba Bray and it was phenomenal! 10/10

Favourite genre?

I’m a huge fan of humour, historical fiction, and anything LGBT. That being said, I enjoy just about everything!

Favourite place to write/work?

I mostly write in public places (libraries, caf├ęs). But when the weather is nice I enjoy working outside, preferably near the water.

My Team



Head of Security

90% of the time, Patch is asleep on the job, but when he’s not, he’s on guard, growling at birds and strangers.



Customer Service Agent

Winny is very eager to make sure you’re having the best day possible. She provides lots of kisses, and I mean a lot.