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Here’s a list of resources that I recommend you check out!

Wedding Arrangements

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Check ’em out!

I don’t recommend things lightly, so this is a list of people and sources that I put a lot of stock in and truly believe you will find useful.

So, take a look at my recs, and tell them Toni sent you 😉

Charm Offensive

Charm Offensive is run by a great guy called Jon, who teaches people how to generate more sales using humour and out-of-the-box marketing tactics. While his resources might need some adapting for writers, they’re super easy to re-work and will definitely set you apart from the crowd. I specifically recommend his course Inspiring Influence for building your online community.

Little Switch

Little Switch is a social media marketing agency run by my friend Stacey Bird.

She’s a content marketer with a passion for helping small businesses build their online presence, gain more leads and attain real results with social media marketing.

So if you want someone to manage your online marketing for you, Stacey is your girl!

Global Wordsmiths

Global Wordsmiths is a community interest company in Nottingham. Nicci and Victoria work with writers through all stages of writing and development, whether you’re starting out, already working on a manuscript, self-publishing, or sending your manuscript out to traditional publishers. 

They’ve got the experience to backup their badass-ness, and they even host workshops and writing retreats! 

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